First Look at the Easton Mako II Ice Hockey Skates




The Easton Mako II Ice Hockey Skates are back in black and are poised for another great run. This second generation Mako skate utilizes the same base design concept as the Mako I to maximize a player’s speed and efficiency, known as “The Art of Speed”, but also features a handful of key upgrades. The most significant improvement is in the composite bootform which can be visually seen in the dark carbon weave of the heel. Because of this, the Mako II offers more responsiveness, higher durability and a better overall finish than the first generation. The tongue and ankle padding have also been redesigned; providing a player with a more refined fit with enhanced.

Easton attacks the “Art of Speed” concept with a drastically different boot construction than it’s competition. The Mako II’s quarter package heights are asymmetrical, meaning the inside (innermost) quarter panels sit 5 mm taller than the outside (outermost) quarter panels. The inner and taller panels give a player support and stability for explosive strides; while the outer and shorter panels are geared for turning aggressiveness and help a player to get the maximum power out of their crossovers.

The quarter package itself fits and functions uniquely from the rest of the skates on the market. The Easton Mako II’s boot was designed to fit like a glove (or a sock), eliminating as much negative space as possible and enabling a full range of natural movement like a Nike FreeRun Shoe. The out of the box fit is not the greatest in the world but after the first time baking them, they are one the most natural fitting ice hockey skates on the planet. The carbon composite nearly turns to “mush” when heated and truly wraps around a player’s foot like no skate before.

The exposed Extendon™ Tendon Guard carries on this philosophy and veers away from the norm. Traditional hockey skates come with a stiff tendon guard which inhibits a player from completing their full stride extension, especially at the final toe-snap point. This new concept ensures the player is getting unrestricted natural movement so that they may squeeze every ounce of speed out of every stride. The other advantage is that the Extendon™ Guard increases stride frequency by helping to “spring-back” a player’s foot after their stride peaks, making them ready quicker for the next stride.

These Easton Mako II Ice Hockey Skates are coming to soon, for even more information including a product review video, click here.