Exclusive: What Gear are the Stanley Cup Finalists Using?



We’re down to the last series of the season, where the best of the best duel it out on the cold, hard ice to determine who has the honor to hoist Lord Stanley’s cup. As hockey players and fans, we have the opportunity to watch the players and smile when we notice these incredible players using the same equipment as us. For others of us, it saddens us to realize the full potential of our gear and how our sticks or skates will never perform that way… Anyways, IW took a look at all of the players with ice time during game one of the Stanley Cup final. Looking at the 18 New York Rangers and the 18 Los Angeles Kings that stepped foot on the ice last Wednesday, we see some shocking and not so shocking trends in gear usage.

Bauer anyone? 42% (15 players) of the players hold Bauer Sticks, 61% (22 players) put their hands in Bauer gloves, 58% (21 players) rock the Bauer helmets, and only 86% (31 players) skate around on Bauer skates. Easton takes second in the stick category with 36% (13 players) and second place in the glove game with 20% (7 players). It’s interesting to note that if we break sticks down by the product line (i.e. Easton Velocity, Synergy or Bauer Vapor, Supreme, Nexus etc.), the Easton Velocity comes out on top with 7 players.

And here is a visual break down of the brand usage by team:

Los Angeles’ Anze Kopitar epitomizes the most popular gear with his Bauer Vapor Skates, Bauer Nexus gloves, Bauer Nexus Sticks and Bauer helmet. So, do these numbers surprise? Comment below with your thoughts.

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