Equipment of the 2015 Stanley Cup



Two teams left: the best of the best. We have done quite a few blogs that break down NHL players’ equipment choices. Granted, these players could be wearing mittens, playing with pieces of firewood and skating on shoes with knives taped to the bottom, and still skate circles around us. So, what’s the point of doing these blogs? There are a few reasons. Aside from the players with brand contracts, players generally choose their equipment. So for a player with free or relatively inexpensive gear at their disposal, players have the opportunity to find the best possible gear for them. That said, their gear choice is completely dependent on the players’ preference and therefore rather irrelevant to us. By taking a step back and looking at teams as a whole, we can start to see trends and tendencies of players. When you see many players or a type of player shifting toward one glove, stick, helmet or skate, then we have a statistic worth seeing. Also, it’s interesting to see if NHL players use the same stick that you do.

*Note: Players dressing in any one of the first three games were recorded*

Hockey Sticks

Looking from a brand perspective, Bauer dominates with 41% of the sticks in the Stanley Cup final. If we delve deeper into the individual stickfamilies, things seem to even out. Curiously, the majority of the sticks are mid-kick hockey sticks (for more information about kickpoints check out our blog) with the Bauer Supreme, Bauer Nexus, Warrior Dynasty and Easton Synergy leading the way. We also got to see a few hockey sticks that are releasing to the public later this year: the Bauer Nexus 1N, the Warrior Dynasty HD1, and the CCM Ultra Tacks Sticks.

Hockey Skates

Taking a look at this Bauer chart -ahem- skate chart, you can see that the Bauer Vapor skates are far and away the most popular skate in the Stanley Cup. Big shout out to the CCM Jetspeed skates that are launching very soon (hint hint wink wink).

Hockey Gloves

Here we see a similar breakdown to what we saw in with the skates. For simplification, we lumped CCM and Reebok together.


The buckets are a little trickier to classify beyond the brand because a lot of the helmets use the same or similar shells with different interiors. Here’s what we do know, the two most popular helmets from Bauer are the Re-Akt and the 4500. The two most used from CCM are the Resistance and the Vector helmets.


Really, the takeaway is whatever you want to read into this blog. Now you know what the players in the Stanley Cup use and nearly all of it is available at Inline & Ice Warehouse. Now you know.