Custom Jerseys Are Now Available at IW!



Interested in designing some new jerseys for your team? Want to pick one up for yourself? Look no further as IW offers a variety of different jersey processes so you can get the right look for the right price. With multiple options, you can pick your jersey and logo and add your names and numbers for a low cost and get exactly what you asked for. Today, I’m going to go through the process of using the jersey customizer and the multiple variations of jerseys to choose from.

The Process

Working the jersey customizer is an extremely easy process because we wanted to make sure all of your options are clearly spelled out so there is no room for error. From the Team Orders link at the top of our site, click on the Custom Jerseys category and it will bring you to the picture above where you can pick what type of jersey application you would like to use. Embroidered jerseys are of the highest quality and will by far last the longest of any of the options. You can only get these through Bauer and are generally made for ice hockey. The second option would be for heat press, which is my personal favorite. We do everything right here at IW and it is by far the fastest turnaround (we say 2-3 day turnaround but it is usually much quicker). Plus, there are no jersey minimums so you can make your own custom jersey and not have to worry about ordering a dozen more. You can make a full team order for a low cost per jersey, though you can only use one solid color for logos. Sublimation is the last option, which is the most customizable of the three so you can get very creative with what you want your jerseys to look like. Bauer currently is the only manufacturer that offers sublimated jerseys but they are becoming more and more popular with both roller and ice hockey.

After choosing your jersey type, you’ll be directed to choose your actual jersey, which for Embroidery and Sublimation is only one choice. For heat press, you can choose any jersey you want from Bauer, CCM, Easton and Reebok. Next you will be asked to pick a color and sizes so knowing ahead of time what sizes to get will be a time saver. Now the fun part is what logos to pick from. For sublimation and embroidery you will need to send us your custom logo, but since we have to change it to a specific format we have to charge a one-time art fee of $40. After that you can come back and use the same logo as much as you want without getting charged extra.

The big reason why the heat press jerseys are the best deal is that you can pick from one of our pre-made templates for a low price and input whatever you want into the format. Add names and numbers to fully customize your jersey. But what sets us apart from the rest is the ability to add an IW logo onto the jersey FOR FREE that will reduce the price of the jersey. Our chest logos reduce the jersey price by $2 and the back hem logos reduce it by $1. You support IW. IW supports you.

That was just a “quick” look into our jersey customizer and all that it has to offer. If you have any questions or want to get an order placed today over the phone, please give us a call at 800.366.3070 and ask for Team Sales and they will be sure to take care of you so you can get what you need for the best price! And for everything else hockey, check out the Inline & Ice Warehouse this holiday season for the best prices guaranteed!