Connor McDavid: What does a 1st overall pick wear?



So Mr. McDavid has been tearing up his young counterparts over at an Edmonton prospects scrimmage, putting up 5 goals (4 nasty and one own goal by the defense; but let’s face it, McDavid definitely planned it). Clearly showing his absolute dominance over players his age, the world is excited to see how he handles the show.

Now that Edmonton has a proven coach (proven, at least, to consistently get to the playoffs), a solid goaltender, and improved defense, there is no better time than the present for the Oilers to start making cup runs. Please save the arguments about Edmonton ruining 1st overall picks for another blog and I’ll refrain from referring to PPG production in comparison to players in the same draft class.

CCM quickly scooped McDavid up to join the CCM family. So as we dive into Connor McDavid’s hockey wardrobe, you should pretend to act a little surprised when we showcase his CCM equipment.

Stick: CCM RBZ Speedburner

The CCM RBZ Speedburner

This next generation of the RBZ stick family incorporates the tremendous pop that the RBZ line is known for, and enhances the power and energy transfer with the introduction of the PowerHosel. Be on the lookout for the CCM Speedburner heading to pre-sale online next week. The name fits McDavid as he wheels around just about everyone on the ice.

Skates: CCM Tacks

The CCM Tacks Skates

The man takes the CCM Tacks skates and definitely puts them to good use. When you have speed like that, you don’t want to lace up anything but the best for you. McDavid’s foot type and skate preference landed him feet first into the Tacks skates.

Gloves: CCM CL 500

Subtly Rocking the CCM CL 500 Gloves

The CL 500 gloves have recently been replaced by the CCM Tacks glove line and in particular, the CCM Ultra Tacks glove. The tapered fit of the CL 500 (and Tacks) gloves give an anatomical fit in the fingers and backhand with a loose fit in the wrist to give McDavid the range of motion necessary to execute his shifty and nifty moves.

Helmet: CCM Vector 08

The Vector series is on its way out the door, but who knows? Maybe in Teemu Selanne-like fashion, McDavid intends to hold onto a discontinued helmet for his entire career. Though, I don’t see CCM going in downward spiral similar to Jofa anytime during McDavid’s career. The Vector series is replaced by the CCM Resistance helmet line.

Street Clothes: the Don Cherry Limited Edition fall line


You mean there’s more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good at hockey? I’m sure the McDavid has some CCM Apparel in his suitcase.

So.. what are you waiting for? Go buy everything that Connor McDavid wears! Available at Inline & Ice Warehouse.