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A new year means a new line of gear from CCM, and brand new for 2019 is the CCM Super Tacks protective family. Their top model is the Super Tacks AS1, which is a traditional style fitting gear which offers physical players the coverage and protection they most utterly need. Let's get started!

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The Super Tacks AS1 Shoulder Pads feature a lot of new features that excel in adjustability. But before we head into new features let us recap some of the main protection technologies that the CCM Super Tacks Line is known for. D30 Smart Foam is one of the most protective foams out there today, being featured in many physical sports equipment such as motorcycle gear, snowboarding gear, and of course hockey gear. In case you don't know what D30 Foam offers, it is a rate sensitive foam that is soft and flexible in its natural state until receiving impact energy, where it then responds by instantly hardening to absorb and dissipate the energy. It reacts based on the volume and velocity of each impact, so the higher the velocity the harder it will react. D30 Smart Foam can be found in those high impact areas such as the shoulder caps, sternum guard, and the spine guard. Another highly protective design is JDP Cap construction, found in key areas around the joints (shoulders, elbows, knees). JDP Cap construction is designed to disperse impact energy away from the joint and into the protection, instead of all that energy going straight into the body. These two designs are what make the Super Tacks Line so top quality when it comes to protection.
Now for the AS1 Shoulder Pad's new features, we have a few key adjustment features like I mentioned earlier. The first one being the torso strapping system which allows the player to adjust the waist straps to the perfect fit. They added Velcro tabs underneath the highly protective kidney protection so they stay hidden and away from being accidentally adjusted or removed during gameplay. Once you adjust it the first time, you should be good to go every single time you put them on and only need to lock down the front two panels Velcro straps. The bicep guards are the other major form of adjustment this year. They can be adjusted vertically by using the 1.5" Velcro strap that attaches to the shoulder cap and the lower portion of the bicep guard has three individual Velcro straps for bicep guard adjustment. This allows for precise coverage and protection and completely seal that gap between the elbow pads. The lower portion of the bicep guard can be fully removed if the individual prefers a little less bulk. CCM torso strapping.png
The Super Tacks AS1 Elbow Pads are extremely comfortable and I love the coverage and protection they offer. D30 can be found in two very key areas; the elbow pocket and upper forearm. CCM used a lot of exposed high-density, closed-cell foam to reinforce protection against slashes and blocked shots. One of the great perks of closed-cell foam is that besides being highly protective and extremely lightweight, is that it won't absorb water so the foam stays dry all game long. JDP Elbow Cap construction once again will disperse impact energy away from the elbow joint which is a big bonus when taking a huge fall or violent body check into the boards.
The strapping design on the Super Tacks AS1 Elbow Pad offers a perfect fit for every single player. The forearm strap has a 360° wrap while the forearm protection anatomically fits around the arm so players will achieve an extremely comfortable fit every single game. Much like the shoulder pads, the forearm strap has two different Velcro straps to achieve that customized fit.
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The Super Tacks AS1 Ice Hockey Pants still remain one of the best on the market in terms of coverage and protection. The pants feature an anatomical, classic fit that ensures players feel mobile and comfortable all game. D30 Smart Foam is located in the hip protection and embedded into the spine guard. The hip caps have JDP Construction which will disperse big massive impact energy from bodychecks while D30 will absorb it. The D30 that is embedded into the spine guard has HD closed-cell foam on the exterior and very comfortable medium-density foam resting against the players back. The spine guard itself floats within the kidney protection so it will stay close-to-the-body and maintain coverage in every game scenario. This is also where we are seeing some really cool adjustment features because the spine guard is attached to the tailbone protection to allow the player to raise or lower the spine guard based on their preference. Now the thigh guards feature a floating design within the pant shell this year to offer better stride mobility and maintain coverage. This also allows teams or players to have easy access to custom embellishment on the exterior of the shell. And in case you were wondering, the internal belt system and 1" extension system is still integrated into the Super Tacks AS1 Ice Hockey Pant.

The Super Tacks AS1 Shin Guards are a wall of protection which includes D30 Smart Foam, compressed high-density foam, JDP knee cap, and a molded ribbed shin shell. D30 has been strategically placed in the knee doughnut and calf guard with compressed high-density foam guarding the rest of the calf, knee wing, and thigh guard. All of the above protection comes beautifully together to boast some of the best protection and coverage seen to date. CCM totally re-designed the calf strap on the new Super Tacks AS1 Shin Guard. Now able to suit players of all leg sizes, the 360° calf strap allows for perfect adjustment and fit around the leg. Individuals need to purchase their shin guard protection based on their height and measurement from the knee to the top of the skate. While this allows for proper coverage top to bottom, it doesn't necessarily mean that the calf strap has a proper fit around the leg since we all have different leg shapes and sizes. With the new 360° strapping system, a lot more players can get the fit and coverage they need. Internally we can see two more protection adjustment features with the liner. Up top the thigh guard is attached to the liner so that it can be raised or lowered depending on the player's preference. Down on the bottom is an adjustable piece of the liner so that it too can be adjusted for height or removed all-together to allow more room for players who wear their shin guards over their skate tongues.
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