CCM RibCor Reckoner | the Next Generation of the RibCor



Here it is – the third installment of the RibCor series. The original Reebok RibCor and the CCM RibCor 40K both utilized a unique construction that holds the fibers in tension, meaning that they are pre-loaded and able to get quick shots off faster than other sticks.

I’ve used the CCM RibCor 40K (seen below) for quite some time and it has been a personal favorite because of how easy it is to get a strong shot off with very little effort. So when we got our hands on the latest CCM RibCor, I was eager to try it out.

Coming in October to Ice Warehouse, is the CCM RibCor Reckoner. The CCM Reckoner stick sees a substantial change to the design of the RibCor series, though with the same end goal of providing the quickest shot.

CCM accomplished a few things with the new construction of the unique taper. First, here’s a picture of the new taper:

Shaft Construction

There it is! Instead of multiple ribs, the new CCM RibCor Reckoner features a single concave rib where the ribs would lay in previous RibCor models. This is the new PopMatrix Technology. The change in design maximizes performance in the carbon fibers and allows players to get even a quicker shot off. Like the previous design, the PopMatrix technology keeps the fibers constantly in tension for efficient loading and a quick release.

Another upgrade that comes with PopMatrix technology is an increase in durability. Logically, with the concave design on both sides of the taper there is less carbon fiber exposed, which translates into less exposed surface area for the carbon fiber to chip when hit with slashes and pucks. Moreover, the CCM RibCor Reckoner features protective carbon fibers on the outer layer of the concave rib.

As for the rest of the shaft, the Reckoner features the same Technora Aramid fiber construction as the 40K. This carbon fiber reinforcement serves to provide durability to the stick without sacrificing its lightweight performance.

Blade Construction

The new blade on the RibCor Reckoner is called the Ascent Blade. This new blade is lighter and optimized in its stiffness profile to create a blade that is softer in the heel and increases to be extra stiff in the toe. Because of this new stiffness profile, the blade provides great feel and a quick release.

Play-testing Review

As I mentioned before, I am a huge fan of the CCM RibCor 40K so I had high expectations for the Reckoner. The very first shot I took with the Reckoner felt a little off. The puck released off my stick sooner than I intended and thus the puck did not have the power nor the accuracy I wanted. Quicker release: check.

So it didn’t quite have the same release as the 40K, but that much was to be expected. After a bit, I was able to adjust to the quicker release. Overall, the feel of the stick was great and provided great feedback while stickhandling.

All in all, the Reckoner gives a very quick release that is great when adjusted to. Any other questions? Leave a comment below or hit us up on any of our social media sites.

These launch in October at Inline & Ice Warehouse.