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Meet the face of arguably the best player in the game right now, Connor McDavid. As he gets suited up for a night of dekes, hits, goals, and just pure high adrenaline action, he puts his trust into CCM's Jetspeed FT1 family for protection and mobility. Let's go through this quickly growing protective line to see why it's drawing in some of the best players in the world.
The shoulder pad can benefit players in different ways. If you love dishing out big hits, blocking shots, and are that grinder down in the corner, then you probably want to go with something bulkier like the Super Tacks line. If you're agile, crafty, and need the most amount of mobility to deke and get a quick shot off, then the Jetspeed line is calling your name. The mobility and low profile are incredible, thanks to the Amplified Mobility construction in the front and rear panels.
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The panels are split into three pieces which are attached by elastic straps. This new construction allows each piece to move independently to the player's movements. Jetspeed doesn't stop there, because the collarbone protection has a floating two-piece design, and the shoulder caps use three 1" elastic straps that connect to the body of the shoulder pad. With these features, the mobility in the arms are some of the best on the market and allow for a superior range of motion. For protection, the FT1 is made up of a few different high-quality foams. The torso is protected by molded Zotefoam which offers pro-level protection and lightweight feel. Zotefoam is also a closed cell foam meaning that it absorbs less sweat to keep you dryer during the game. The shoulder caps are lightweight, yet super protective with the use of EPP U+Foam, helping players stay light, agile, and still be able to dish out big hits. The bicep guards are a one-piece, molded medium-density foam with a length adjustment strap allowing players to really dial in the fit. Saving the best protection feature for last, Rocketframe Composite is used in the vital areas: sternum, and spine. If you've heard of this technology before, it's because CCM uses this material in their top end skates. Rocketframe Composite reduces weight but increases protection. Another great update that was introduced to the FT1 family is the dual-zone liner, adding moisture management and comfort. The red laminated portion is soft to the touch and helps repel sweat away, while the black portion called, DryFoam, has a vented design to help promote airflow and push that repelled moisture out. The FT1 shoulder pad has a contoured, anatomical fit with a low profile.
The elbow pad also features the same RocketFrame Composite from the Jetspeed FT1 skates in the bicep guard. The forearm is built with hydrophobic DryFoam, providing lightweight yet protective properties and repelling sweat to keep you dryer during the game. The elbow cap features JDP Technology which deflects energy away from the joints and into the padding, helping to prevent injuries from low and high impacts. In order for CCM to provide players with the best mobility, they added a new three-piece design to the construction of the elbow pad. There is a hinge at the bicep and between the elbow cap and the forearm guard which allows players to get an even better range of motion while at the same time lowering the overall profile. CCM also achieved lower profile by the newly designed, arched bicep strap, which sits a little higher up on the arm, lowering the profile and increasing the player's range of motion. Players will sink their arms into the soft and comfortable laminated DryFoam liner. The great moisture management that this combo offers will help keep your arm dryer than ever before. The FT1 elbow pad has a contoured, anatomical fit with a nice low profile.
I'm going to put it all out there and name Ovi the best goal scorer of all time. With 14 consecutive seasons of 30+ more goals to begin his career, he is now right behind fellow Caps player, Mike Gartner, who has 15 in a row. Not only is that incredible, but he is the only player to manage this feat in the 21st century. While he has switched between Bauer and CCM a couple of times, it's obvious now that he is back to being a CCM guy and rocking the Jetspeed FT1 gloves to help him with his dirty work.

CCM has done an extraordinary job of developing the FT1 hockey glove. The FT1 has it all; coverage, durability, mobility, stick feel, and comfort. The first thing I want to point out is the protection it offers with D30 Lite Foam in the fingers and backhand. D30 Lite, which is found in the Super Tacks family, absorbs and dissipates impact energy, keeping you much more protective against slashes and incoming pucks. The D30 rests in-between PE inserts and Zotefoam which helps reduce the weight of the glove but giving elite level protection.
Now you're probably wondering how the feel for the stick is so good. CMM upgraded and re-designed the palm from the QLT glove. The FT1's palm now has a Pro Clarino base with a double-stitched overlay in the palm and thumb. This provides players with a creaseless palm and extended bottom for absolute ultimate stick feel and long-lasting durability. Helping players obtain maximum wrist mobility for dangles and quick shots, CCM introduced a new flared, 3D-shaped flex cuff and cuff roll. The cuff is attached with a piece of flexible fabric to help extend wrist motion and to keep protection where it needs to be. The segmented backhand and three-piece index finger only add more mobility to an already amazing feel and fit right out of the box. Finally, your hand will rest inside the extremely soft laminated liner that will help wick away moisture throughout the game. The fit profile is a tapered fit - which is snug in the fingers and backhand but then opens up in the cuff.
The FT1 hockey pants have two features I want to point out. The first being the RocketFrame Composite added to the floating spine guard. With the introduction of the Composite, players get top-notch lower spine protection. With the floating spine protector, players can achieve maximum mobility in every stride and body position while keeping protection where it needs to be. The second feature is the internal belt system with skate lace closure. One of the most requested features from pro hockey players is the internal belt system. The system allows the pants to fit more securely around the waist and give a better response to player movement all while feeling much more comfortable. The hips and thighs have similar construction with ribbed molded plastic and thick foams for great pro level protection. There is a +1" extension system, allowing the pants to drop down for taller-skinner players, and to give growing players an extra season out of their pants. The FT1's offer the inner thigh zipper to add volume to the legs, which is perfect for players who like added volume down low or who like to put on their skates before their pants. For the interior, the dual-zone laminated liner with DryFoam Technology repels sweat and has great airflow to help keep you cooler all game long. The FT1 pant has a tapered fit, which is snug around the hips and opens up with extra volume around the legs.
Down into the last piece of protective in the Jetspeed line, the FT1 shin guard has the Curv Composite constructed into the calf wrap giving elite level protection to the back of the leg. Helping to lower the profile and reduce overall weight, the rest of the protection is made of ZoteFoam and DryFoam. Zotefoam can be found around the knee, thigh guard, and a small area of the liner. The DryFoam is used underneath the laminated liner, which when paired together repel moisture away from the body, keeping the player dry and incredibly comfortable. The outer shell has a ribbed and vented design to help with energy impacts and airflow, as well is designed for both players who either wear the shin guards under or over their skate tongue. Another new feature introduced to the shin guard is the 3" adjustable calf strap. With this system, every player of every size can now fine tune adjust the calf strap for a proper fit. The FT1 shin guard has a contoured, anatomical fit and low profile.
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