CCM Fitlite Helmet Preview



Reebok Hockey’s social media accounts officially confirmed what we’ve been seeing over the last year or so: Reebok’s top hockey gear lines are moving to CCM. The Reebok RibCor sticks have turned into the CCM RibCor 40K, and more recently we’ve seen the release of the new CCM RibCor 50K skates. Now, it’s time for Reebok K-Series helmets to make the switch. The new line is called the CCM Fitlite and will feature the CCM Fitlite Helmet, the CCM FL80, the CCM FL60, and the CCM FL40. So, let’s take a look at the features of the new CCM Fitlite hockey helmet.

The Fitlite helmet features a similar shell design as the Reebok 11K. Both helmets had a high density shell with a subshell to decrease the weight while still providing pro-level protection. Also similar to the 11K, the Fitlite uses the MicroDial II for a 360 comfortable wrap and easy adjustment.

The big upgrade that the Fitlite has over the 11K is the implementation of the Rotational Energy Dampening (R.E.D.) system that we previously saw in the CCM Resistance helmet. This system of liquid-filled bladders set between the liner and the player lessens the head’s acceleration upon impact. We’ve seen the CCM Fitlite on display in the NHL throughout the second half of the NHL season and into the Stanley Cup Finals.

This helmet is now available at Inline & Ice Warehouse!