Best Shoulder Pads for Coverage



When it comes to choosing shoulder pads, you want to choose the style and fit that best suits your game. For defensemen, shot blockers, big hitters, and anyone who wants the best coverage, which shoulder pad should you choose?
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The two must go-to shoulder pads for coverage would have to be hands down the Bauer Nexus 2N and CCM Super Tacks. Each with its own individual perks, I'll breakdown each one to help you choose which one is right for you.

Let's start off with the Bauer Nexus 2N Shoulder Pad. Extra coverage means extra protection and that is exactly what the 2N offers. The front panel has a three-piece construction to help protection stay in place during the players movements. The sternum guard has MDP technology, which stands for Multi Density Protection. This means that the foams protecting the sternum are composed of multi density foams and plastic inserts to help take on impact energy. The side panels have a perforated foam base with Vented Armor foam covering the ribs and in the belly guard. The perforation helps with airflow and the Vented Armor increases protection to the ribs and belly which most other shoulder pads seem to fall short on.
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Now the shoulder caps are every big hitters dream. On top of the shoulder cap is more Vented Armor protection, being the first material to absorb any impact. What lies underneath is what separates these from other shoulder caps. IX Foam Technology has been introduced to boost shoulder protection into the next level. Not only does IX Foam have incredible impact absorption, but it helped to slim down the shoulder cap profile. Even though these are still bulkier than the Supreme and Vapor line doesn't mean they don't have great mobility. Bauer built the 2N bicep guard with Free-Flex Technology to give players great range of motion for stick-handling and shooting. The bicep guard has two-piece construction to increase arm motion and keep protection properly in place. It also has an adjustable Velcro strap that allows it to move up or down so your elbow pad and bicep guard have a perfect seal in protection.
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The rear panel has probably the most coverage out of any shoulder pad out there. The front side's MDP Technology is also found on the back to offer extra wide coverage to the spine, and has the same perforated foam base on the side panels as was seen on the front. The kidneys are very well protected by thick medium density foams, so players giving those behind the back cross checks won't phase you much.

The interior has Thermo Max with Sanitized Technology, which means it has incredible moisture and odor management. Sanitized Tech is directly integrated into the liner during the manufacturing process and won't wash out and prevents odor causing bacteria from forming. Thermo Max is a very comfortable microfiber that excels in wicking away moisture and keeping you a lot dryer throughout the game, especially with the help of all that perforated foam. With wide coverage and protection means a wide traditional fit, so there is volume from the shoulder caps all the way down to the waist.

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In the other corner, we have the CCM Super Tacks offering their own secret weapon, D30 Foam Technology. D30 was strategically placed into the sternum guard and shoulder cap and has been engineered to react to changing impact intensities. The Smart Foam keeps its flexible state for low energy impacts but instantly hardens upon receiving high intensity impacts, absorbing and dissipating the energy. The front panel has a three-piece design to allow for upper body mobility and to keep protection exactly where it needs to be. The side panels and removable belly guard are built with perforated HD foam for great torso protection and airflow.
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The shoulder protection has a really great feature called Anti-Lift Technology which allows the shoulder caps to raise without dragging the body of the pads up with them. This allows the torso to remain in place and keep the protection where it needs to be during hits, dekes, and shooting. The caps themselves are built with Dual Core HD Foam, reinforced with D30 Smart Foam. This helps with elite level protection while the closed cell foam helps prevent water absorption. The bicep guards have a two-piece adjustable construction and anatomical fit for comfort. The lower portion of the bicep guard can even be removed for a lower profile, but keeping it on adds on extra protection. The other bicep adjustment feature allows the player to raise or lower the entire bicep guard to perfectly seal the gap between the top of the elbow pads.

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The rear also has a three-piece construction with Anti-Lift Technology. The side panels are built with medium density perforated foam, with HD closed cell foam protection down the spine and over the kidneys. The liner is a very comfortable microfiber that helps wick away moisture. With all the closed cell foam preventing water absorbing into the equipment, the liner has a much easier job at wicking away that moisture for a much comfortable feel all game long. Like the Nexus 2N, the Super Tacks has a traditional fit all the way through for ultimate coverage and protection. If I had to choose, the CCM Super Tacks offers a slightly lower profile than the Nexus 2N.

How about you? Do you rock either the Nexus 2N or Super Tacks? If so, tell us why you decided to choose one over the other! For me, I'm going to go with the CCM Super Tacks because I like the D30 Smart Foam and Anti-Lift Technology.

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