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Bauer has gone all out to provide hockey players with some of the best skates on the market, especially in the highly popular Vapor skate. The specs, fit, and performance that makes their skates so popular amongst players is now flowing into their protective gear line. The Vapor 1X Lite protective line offers players the lightest protective gear on the market, paired with absolutely elite-level protection. You might be wondering how they were able to reduce the weight of each piece of gear, without sacrificing the protection. They have accomplished this task by introducing some incredible new technologies, as well as bringing over Curv Composite that we find in their elite level skates. I'll dive deeper into each piece of protective equipment to explain what makes this line so incredible.

Let's start up top, and work our way down. The shoulder pads are such a vital part of the game when it comes to protecting the upper body from repeated hits, slashes and blocked shots. Bauer did a fantastic job to prepare a player against every impact that comes their way. The 1X Lite shoulder pads start off by being 16.5% lighter than its predecessor, the 1X. Going straight to the source is the AeroLite 2.0 Foam found in the shoulder cap, making these unlike any other shoulder pad on the market. Unlike most traditional shoulder caps, there is no plastic used within the construction. Instead, the use of the 2.0 Foam is what dramatically reduces the weight, but still provides elite-level protection properties to big impacts and checks.


Another exciting feature to see is the HyperLite and HyperLite HD Foam Technology. Bauer uses this foam throughout the front and back panels, surrounding the sternum and spine guards, as well as in the upper bicep guard. HyperLite Foam boasts a couple of unique features that add to the overall weight reduction. One is that the foam repels sweat and water rather than absorbing it. Since the foam does not retain liquid, it keeps the shoulder pads the same weight all game long, as opposed to foams which get heavier as liquid is absorbed from gameplay. The second feature is the actual weight and strength the foam provides. HyperLite Foam, in general, is much lighter than standard foams found within other protective gear on the market. Not only is it lighter, but it offers pro-level protection, which is ultimately the goal when it comes to high-end protective gear. Topping off the protection features, the 1X Lite shoulder pads now have Curv Composite, being brought over from their elite level skates. The Curv Composite was strategically placed in the vital areas such as the sternum, spine, and lower portion of the bicep guard. Curv Composite is an extremely lightweight, durable, and protective technology to keep players safe in those high impact areas.


The inside liner showcases 37.5 Microfiber and an all-new Sanitized Technology. These pair up to excel moisture and odor management. 37.5 uses a players body heat to evaporate moisture, keeping the player a lot cooler and dryer throughout the game. Sanitized Technology prevents odor-causing bacteria from forming, extending the time it takes for your gear to start smelling. Bauer kept true to the Vapor fit, which has a traditional fit up top that narrows toward the abdomen providing excellent coverage and protection without sacrificing mobility or responsiveness. To help obtain great coverage and mobility, Free Flex Technology in the collarbone allows the shoulders to move up and down with ease, while the two-piece front and rear panel construction allows all the protection to move and flow with every body movement.

37.5 tech.jpg sanitized tech.jpg
Heading down the arm into the Bauer Vapor 1X Lite Elbow Pad, an incredible 25% weight reduction can be seen compared to the previous Vapor 1X. Right away, you're going to notice the really nice wrap and coverage that the Curv Composite gives to the forearm. That Curv provides pro-level protection from nasty slashes and hooks above the glove line. The elbow itself is surrounded by AeroLite 2.0 Foam, which reduces weight while providing incredible impact protection against collisions with bodies, boards, and the ice. Molded HyperLite HD Foam and PE inserts wrap the lower bicep, sealing up with the Curv Composite in the shoulder pads. The lower arm rests down into a super comfortable floating donut, which is then locked down with a three-strap design, one of which is a stretchable y-shaped anchor strap. Mobility is fantastic due to the Free Flex Construction in the lower bicep guard, allowing an incredible range of motion between the forearm and bicep. 37.5 Microfiber and Sanitized Technology also make their way down into the lining for that great moisture and odor management.

Bauer Vapor 1X LITE Glove


Finishing off the upper body protection, the Bauer Vapor 1X Lite Glove carries over some of the great features found in the 2016 Vapor 1X. For starters, the three-piece index finger and three-piece flex lock thumb give that great mobility right out of the box. Some new additions include the stretch fit insert inside the palm to extend the lifespan of the glove, and now has an even more tapered fit throughout the glove. In the fingers and backhand, you’ll notice a much more anatomical fit that feels super secure while blooming out nicely into the cuff for amazing mobility. The main reason for that great mobility is due to the Dynamic Flex cuff design, which separates the cuff from the body using a flex material that really allows the glove to move and twist with the hand.
The amazing grip and stick feel that you felt with the 1X stays true in the 1X Lite with the AX Suede Quattro Grip palm, gaining longevity with the new stretch insert as I mentioned earlier. The hand receives excellent protection provided by the dual-density foams and pe inserts throughout the fingers and backhand, and the cuff gives a very appealing visual with a 3D embroidered Bauer logo. Finishing off the exterior is a pro cable mesh and nylon with a synthetic overlay, which all work together for great breathability. To keep your hands dryer during the game, and less smelly after, 37.5 Microfiber and new Sanitized Technology line the inside of the beautifully designed mitt.


Moving on down, the Vapor 1X Lite Pant is now 20% lighter than the original 1X pant. You’ve probably guessed it by now; it’s because of the AeroLite 2.0 Foam. Removing the need for plastic in the hip guards, AeroLite 2.0 Foam exchanges its place entirely, maintaining solid protection for your hips and reducing the weight of the pant, keeping you lighter and faster on the ice. The new HyperLite HD Foams are found in the kidney and lower thigh protection, and the elite Curv Composite placed into the lower spine guard. The spine guard also utilizes the Free Flex Construction, which keeps the spine guard where it needs to be during every movement and body position. Vapor’s tapered fit, which is snug around the waist opening to more volume in the legs, is paired with the pro-inspired internal belt system to benefit players who excel in quick, agile movements. For taller, skinnier players or individuals who are still growing, the 1” extension system is going to be great for you. Instead of a zipper that wraps around the waist, Bauer utilized the suspender buttons by having the extension system hook onto them for adjustment, which plays a huge factor in why these pants are so incredibly light. For the exterior, 840 denier nylon provides great abrasion resistance, with overlay added to the high wear areas. The back features a durable polyester that offers great airflow and breathability. Stretch gussets, which allow much bigger movements and strides, run through the center of the pants and branch down into the legs. For players who like to put on their skates before their pants, or for individuals who like even more volume in their legs, they can utilize the velcro adjustable leg openings. To cap things off, 37.5 Microfiber and Sanitized Technology line the inside of the Vapor 1X Lite Pant.

Slipping on down to the Shin Guards, The 1X Lite is now 10% lighter compared to the 2016 1X, without compromising protection or coverage. The AeroLite 2.0 Foam is the liner to the outer shell Curv Composite, which gives players incredible protection and weight reduction. HyperLite HD Foam is found in the knee wings and calf guard to give great coverage and mobility. The knee is protected by really solid molded plastic and has an adjustable dual-density thigh guard to get that precise coverage between the ice pants. On the bottom, the Free Flex shin cap provides players with an even more aggressive skating stance and allows players to get even deeper in their strides. The interior utilizes perforated foam for constant cooling and the removable liner boasts Bauer’s 37.5 Microfiber and Sanitized Technology. To help battle wear and tear between the shin guard and skate tongue, an abrasion zone was built-in just beneath the shin guard liner. The Vapors fit starts with a wider fit at the knee that tapers into a more standard fit at the bottom. The leg is enclosed tightly with a dual-anchor strap system that provides a secure calf lock and gives solid comfort.
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