Bauer Hockey Gloves - Which One Is Right For Me?



When it comes to choosing a new hockey glove, there are a couple of factors to take into consideration: fit, feel, and protection. Bauer provides three different styles of gloves, with slightly different palms and protection qualities to accommodate player preferences. The Bauer families are Supreme, Vapor, and Nexus. So out of the three, which one is right for you? I'll be taking a deeper look at the top model of each family.



The Supreme line has the most anatomical and contoured fit between the three. The glove is snug around the fingers, backhand, and cuff, which makes the glove become one with the hand, and gives the player a great feel for the stick. The Supreme 1S hockey glove has a free-floating, two-piece Dynamic Flex Cuff, which now gives a contoured-fitting glove some of the best mobility ever. The index finger and thumb have a three-piece design to give players great hand dexterity without sacrificing protection because the thumb lock still prevents the thumb from hyperextension. The protection in the backhand showcases FleXorb smart foam which can absorb up to 90% of impact energy to really protect the hand from high energy impacts. The backhand and finger block also have extra segmentation, which allows the hand to move much more freely. For the palm, the new AX Suede Quattro Pro gives players an unreal feel for the stick and will keep its durability due to the triple-overlay in three key areas. Ultimately, the contoured design gives players a snug fit which reduces the negative space inside and allows players to feel the glove over the whole hand and wrist, which is a feeling that some players prefer.

The Vapor family has a tapered style fit, which means it will be snug around the fingers and backhand, but the cuff will flare out for more wrist mobility. In the Bauer Vapor 1X Lite glove, no plastic inserts were used throughout the protection except for the outside of the pinky. With this change, Bauer kept elite level protection by using triple layered foam all throughout, which also reduces weight, making this glove incredibly light. The thumb and index finger also boast a three-piece design, giving players great mobility and dexterity for a great handle on the stick. For the palm, Bauer put to use their new AX Suede Quattro palm with a Stretch Fit insert, providing players with great stick grip and stick feel. The Stretch Fit insert also allows the palm to last much longer by preventing cracking, which palms normally succumb to from the constant wet-dry cycle. The Vapor family is perfect for players looking for a balance between the contoured and traditional fitting glove, as well as players looking for absolutely the lightest Bauer glove ever made.

Finally, we have the traditional four-roll style hockey glove that the Nexus family has to offer. Traditional fitting gloves are essentially the classic style of glove and have been around the longest. It offers much more room throughout the fingers, backhand, and cuff, which gives players a more "boxy" feel. So your hand is going to have more room inside the glove, allowing a wider range of motion and less resistance to the fingers of the glove. The Bauer Nexus 2N has a very comfortable, breathable, and durable finger construction, that has been taken straight from the pro's. A unique feature to see in the Nexus 2N glove is the cuff design. An Adjustable Split Cuff allows players to fine tune the fit of the cuff for the best personal feel. There is great protection throughout the 2N with dual-density EPP Foam and PE Inserts in the fingers, backhand, finger block, and upper cuff. EPP Foam has high-end impact protection and is lighter than standard foams. The thumb has Bauer's patented three-piece flex lock thumb, giving great dexterity for stick control, and two-piece fingers giving that traditional look and feel. In the palm, AX Suede Quattro Grip Palm with Pro-Style Overlay provides great stick feel and incredible abrasion resistance. It also resists water uptake to help keep the glove dry while playing, and help prevent cracking. The Nexus family is perfect for players wanting more room inside the glove, great protection around the hand, and of course that classic, four-roll design.

Each family also has 37.5 and Sanitized Technology integrated into the liner. 37.5 Technology uses a player's body heat to help evaporate sweat and moisture which will, in turn, keep your hand much dryer throughout the game. Sanitized Technology is directly added to the lining in the manufacturing process, which means it won't wash out and will prevent odor-causing bacteria from forming. With this great feature, players can count on having a glove that stays fresh and odor free for a lot longer.

37.5 tech.jpg
sanitized tech.jpg

At the end of the day, it really comes down to personal preference. It's all about how the glove feels on your hand and how it feels when you hold a stick. Check out for more information about each Bauer family, and what glove may suit you best.
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