Back in Black.. Black Biscuit that is!



You might not believe what your seeing, but yes, the Phoenix has risen from the ashes! Black Biscuit is back! Younger players may not be familiar with this brand, but roller players from the turn of the century will recall Black Biscuit as a favorite for roller pants.
Black Biscuit’s popularity rose in the 90’s as the roller hockey community embraced the high-quality hockey pants they produced. The pants were constructed with sleek graphics and high-performance features, but most noticeably outlasted many other pant brands at the time. (you can still see original Black Biscuit pants being used today). After the owners took a hiatus in the early 2000’s to pursue new interests, they’re back in 2015 to introduce the 3100 Playa Pant.

While “innovative” roller hockey products and brands come and go (skateswith shocks, skates with 100mm wheels, wheels with carbon hubs, micro skate bearings, yadda, yadda, yadda) it’s exciting to see Black Biscuit bringing their quality pant making traditions back to the market. The 3100 is designed to be extremely durable, with the right balance of ventilation, stretch, and clean styling to top it off.

Let’s talk specifics:

  • The highlight of this pant is the oversized double layer knee panels with cordura outer layer providing unrivaled durability.
  • The upper portion of the 3100 playa pant is constructed of ventilated pique flex fabric which provides the air flow you need without sacrificing too much durability.
  • For extra ventilation, the Playa has you covered. Mesh is featured under the front knee panels and the entire backside of the knee/calf.
  • The 2 strap adjustable cinch waist closure system provides maximum secruity and easy on/off.
  • Black Biscuit sublimated graphics decrease weight and give this pant a pro look.

Want to win a pair of Black Biscuit pants in your choice of color? Black Biscuit and Inline Warehouse are hooking up two lucky winners with the new 3100 playa pant! Head back to our Facebook post, Twitter tweet, or Google + post; then like/favorite/+1 and share/retweet/reshare the post for a chance to win!