A Quick Look at the CCM Tacks Sticks




While long-time hockey fans are excited to see the name “Tacks” back on hockey skates, CCM has also introduced the Tacks name into the stick market. The philosophy behind the Tacks Sticks is very similar to that of the Tacks Skates, explosive power. All models in the CCM Tacks Stick Line (which includes the Tacks, 5052, 3052 and the 1052) are constructed with a traditional mid-kick point. This specific flex profile is a pro-favorite and it’s geared for the player who aggressively leans into and loads up on big shots. Mid-kick sticks are capable of storing and releasing more energy than low-kick sticks, which is why they’re recommend for heavy shooters.

A stick manufacturer’s dilemna with hard-shooting twigs is that the blade face tends to open up, or torque on big shots. When a blade does this, accuracy goes out the window; so what’s shot power without accuracy? From my experience, it means more and more laps at the end of practice and an upset coach. CCM knows this too, which is why they focused a ton of effort into building a blade that will resist torquing and will stay square to the target. The AttackFrame™ Blade is featured on all CCM Tacks Sticks, so no matter which price point you buy, you can count on getting an accurate shot. This new blade design features an incredibly stiff outer frame that is reinforced with two supporting beams that run heel to toe. Internally, CCM filled in the gaps with high-quality and lightweight foam that gives the player excellent puck feel. All in all, the result is a professional-level of stiffness with a fatigue-resistant design that keeps the blade feeling newer, longer.

For even more information, check out our video review below or head over to Inline and Ice Warehouse.com!

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