2019 True XC9 ACF Stick // Tech & Spec Review


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It's a new year and with that comes new stick launches that we get to nerd out about! True Hockey is the first in line and will be launching the 3rd generation of XCore Sticks February 1st. Let's take a look at how they improved their power-focused stick line starting with the new XCORE Gen 2 Blade Technology.

The XCore has always been a standout stick line with the unique urethane insert located in the bottom of the blade, reaching from the mid-point to the heel. This significantly dampened the blade and results in better accuracy as well as hard shot power. Well in 2019, True Hockey repositioned the XCORE insert higher in the blade to create a sweet spot THREE TIMES larger than before. With its relocation, the XCORE Gen 2 Technology also improved puck control for catching passes and technical stick handling.

True didn't back up the bags and call it a day with the new XCORE Gen 2, they upgraded the rest of the blade core with the BRT+ Technology that was first introduced on last year's A6.0 SBP/HT sticks. Compared to the previous XC9, this 2019 model features braided carbon fiber ribs that provide the blade with structural support but now extend further or deeper into the heel. This was previously a weak point on past generation's of BRT sticks but with the inclusion of BRT+, the 2019 XC9 has a lighter, stronger and more consistent blade.

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While True Hockey may be one of the newer faces on the retail stick market, they have been making sticks for over a decade for other manufacturers. The years of experience have allowed them to develop one of the best manufacturing processes to date. The True XC9 Stick Line features Axenic Technology that creates a true one-piece stick made out of a compression-molded shaft. The reason why this consistent construction process is so vital is that it eliminates defects that can easily occur when building a hockey stick. These defects not only create weak points that allow for premature breakage but they hinder energy as it is being transferred through the shaft and into the blade. SmartPly Technology works hand in hand with Axenic Technology, which is a strategic carbon fiber layering process that maximizes impact strength with responsiveness. True Hockey was able to accomplish this by using up to 25 thin layers of high-performance carbon fiber which are strategically layered in different angles or patterns to offer different benefits in different areas of the stick.

The XCore Stick Family is known as True's line built for power-shooters who want ultimate puck control. Working with the XCORE Blade Technology is the signature SmartFlex Technology in its mid-kick flex profile. True Hockey aimed to optimize their kick point by softening the handle so that players can more efficiently load the stick and thus, get a quicker, harder shot release.

Overall, the 2019 True XC9 ACF stick is built for the player who puts a lot of lean into their shots, regardless of what type of shot it may be. The new XCORE Gen 2 Blade Technology provides such a dampened feel for the puck that it makes stick handling a dream and picking corners a breeze. Check back to IceWarehouse.com in the following weeks for reviews on not just the XC9 ACF, but the XC7 ACF and XC5 ACF sticks too! If you have any questions, leave a comment below!
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