2019 CCM Super Tacks Glove Line Insight




  • Senior - $199.99 (13",14",15")
  • Junior - $139.99 (11", 12")
  • Youth - $59.99 (8",9")
Let me introduce the 2019 CCM Super Tacks AS1 hockey glove. CCM bolstered the exterior and palm this year to improve the gloves lifespan and resistance to wear from the rigors of hockey. The exterior is constructed with a mix of very high-quality polyester, tough cable knit nylon and durable synthetic leather. A feature that I really like about the new AS1 is how the exterior graphics look this year. Usually, just the CCM logo and a couple of others will be embroidered or stitched at this price point with the remaining graphics being screen-printed. However, the addition of the synthetic leather becomes the new way to show off the contrast on the exterior which looks really clean and will keep this glove looking awesome for years. HGAS1_Palm.jpg
As for the palm, CCM knows that Pro Clarino is the number one choice among pro players, so the AS1 stays true to their request. This year, the palm receives added overlay which extends as one piece from the cuff, up through the center to the index finger and top of the thumb, giving players more resistance to holes while maintaining that pro-like feel. A "cool" new feature they implemented into the fingers are tiny air-holes to let cool air in and moisture out, keeping your hands much more dry during the game. The protection that the Super Tacks line is well-known for continues into the 2019 AS1 model. With 14mm of Zotefoam, 4mm of D30 Smart Foam, and plastic insert reinforcement, what better protection can players ask for! D30 Smart Foam has been around for a long time now, but the protection level it provides players is just incredible.
CCM re-designed their backhand segmentation to get every little improvement they could for hand mobility. With three piece middle and index fingers, stretch finger gussets, two-piece pro flex thumb, and highly segmented Flex Cuff; hand dexterity and wrist mobility is going to be hard to top anywhere else. The Super Tacks liner was incredible and CCM knew it, so the exact same liner is used inside the new AS1. The liner is extremely soft to the touch and treated with Polygiene to impede odor-causing bacteria from growing, keeping them smelling fresh for much longer. Your hands are going to stay much drier too with the moisture-wicking fabric and the new air-holes in the fingers.


  • Senior - $129.99 (13", 14", 15")
  • Junior - $109.99 (10", 11", 12")
The CCM Tacks 9080 glove is an absolutely beautiful glove at this price point. For most advanced level hockey players and competitive adult leagues, this price point is very popular. Tons of the AS1 features trickle down into the 9080 to provide the previously mentioned players with the protection and mobility they need to compete in high-level hockey. For instance, the full exterior found on the AS1 is used on the 9080; high-quality polyester, cable knit nylon, and durable synthetic leather, providing players with awesome durability. The synthetic leather adds to the graphic richness and the only difference would be the 9080's having screen-printed logos on the finger block, pinky finger, and cuff roll.
The palm gets the same upgraded treatment with the Kevlar overlay extending up the center on top of the Pro Clarino base. The four fingers have air-holes too for optimal air-flow in and out to keep your hands dry. Protection remains the same as the 7092's, with a PE foam base followed by D30 Lite Smart Foam, and topped with plastic inserts for the fingers and backhand. D30 Lite still remains one of the best protection foams on the market and allows this glove to be priced so well. One thing I forgot to mention on the newly segmented backhand construction is that the finger block has a larger piece on the index knuckle, which is the area most susceptible to slashes. The new 9080's share all the great mobility features that I listed for the AS1's with one slight difference; the middle finger is a two-piece construction instead of three. Even though it's a two-piece finger, having stretch gussets still makes it feel like a three-piece. A fantastic upgrade that the 9080's get this year is the liner. With the 7092's, the Polygiene treated microfiber was only built into the cuff, whereas CCM lined the entire 9080 glove with their Polygiene treated microfiber, which is one of our favorite liners here at Ice Warehouse. So to recap, the 9080's have pro level protection, pro-level durability, pro-level mobility and stick feel, and pro level moisture and odor management. Wow, that says a lot about their second price point!


  • Senior - $99.99 (13", 14", 15")
  • Junior - $89.99 (10", 11", 12")
Moving onto the CCM Tacks 9060 hockey glove, we see some nice upgrades from the 5092. The first feature I want to mention is the Flex Cuff design. This year the 9060's get the same cuff design as the top two models, which allows this glove to also extend wrist mobility but most importantly keep protection where it needs to be. CCM not only re-designed the backhand like the other two models but added segmentation in this year's 9060, which improves hand mobility for players. As for protection, we see much of the same medium-density foams and plastic inserts in the fingers and backhand. CCM did a couple of little tweaks though. They added plastic inserts to the outside of the pinky and extended the outside of the index finger protection to reach the end of the finger. Now, this may seem like a small change, but it could be huge for the player on the ice. In the 5092's, the tip of the index finger was exposed and left open to slashes and pucks, which now has been taken care of in the 9060's.
On the flip side, we see some pretty noticeable changes. In my opinion, I really like the changes they made by using a Nash palm with a more strategic overlay. The black Nash overlay is extended as one piece with a cool looking grip print for added stick control. This glove feels really good on the hand and feels great when holding a stick. One feature you may have noticed from the picture that is also seen in the top two models are the finger air-holes. It's really nice to see some high-end features trickle their way down to this price point. The 9060 also gets Polygiene treated to the very soft and premium microfiber found inside the cuff for excellent odor and moisture management. For any player looking for a great balance of protection, mobility, and price, the CCM Tacks 9060 hockey glove is right for you.


  • Senior - $79.99 (13", 14", 15")
  • Junior - $69.99 (10", 11", 12")
Now if you happen to be on a budget and are looking for more protection than a recreational glove, then check out the new CCM Tacks 9040 glove. This glove is a new price point in the Tacks glove line to offer serious hockey players the protection and mobility they need at an affordable price. The exterior has a durable mix of cable knit and high-quality polyester with screen printed graphics. The CCM logo has an embroidered stitch around the graphic to give the glove a more professional look. Getting into that protection I mentioned, medium-density foams are topped with plastic inserts for the fingers and backhand, more of high-density foam and plastic insert for the cuff roll, and dual-density foams in the cuff. Thumb is a one-piece design to guard against hyperextension and the outside of the pinky even get plastic insert reinforcement. The backhand has a well-segmented design and the two-piece fingers have stretch nylon gussets, so hand mobility is very good.
The palm shares the same construction as the Tacks 9060 gloves and even has air-holes in the fingers. The one-piece open cuff gives players freedom of movement and the liner is a very effective brushed microfiber that helps wick away moisture. Overall, solid glove for all types of levels of hockey at a price that's really hard to beat!

Thanks for walking with me through the new 2019 CCM Tacks glove line. I want to hear from Tacks fans out there and what you think about the new line!

Pre-order Starts April 26th and Launches May 24!
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