2019 CCM JetSpeed FT2 Ice Hockey Skates // Tech & Spec Review


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Ladies and gentlemen, we are happy to introduce you to the 2019 CCM JetSpeed FT2 Ice Hockey Skates. Visually speaking, there is a whole lot to take in including the revamped graphics and the big hit of red on the tongue, but the first thing you might be drawn to is the SpeedBlade XS Holder. This replaces the SpeedBlade 4.0 holder that made its debut on the RBZ skate back in 2013. SpeedBlade XS features CCM's new BladeLock System that allows players to swap out broken or damaged steel in seconds, keeping them on the ice and off of the bench. This new system mechanically locks the steel into place unlike their competitor's spring lock system, the advantages arise by creating a more secure connection between the holder and the runner, and has been shown to hold up better over time too. On this FT2, the new holder has XS1 Black runners that are taller than previous CCM steel which allows for a better turning radius, more custom profiling options and increased sharpening life too.

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Throughout the boot, the JetSpeed FT2 boasts lower-profile upgrades that truly extend the life expectancy out the entire skate. LiteFrame 360 Evo carries on the one-piece boot legacy and offers incredible out-of-the-box foot wrap, explosive power through each stride and an unreal foot-to-ice connection. This year though, the FT2 connects the boot to the toe cap significantly better than before and address a small weak point from the FT1. The new graphics packaged is much more securely applied to the boot itself, meaning the FT2 will stay looking sharp much longer than before. CCM eliminated much of the stitching found on the tendon guard and collar of the boot by utilizing a one-piece, injected plastic that will hold up over time much better than before too.


Like we previously mentioned, the bright red tongue highlights another key upgrade from the FT1. CCM used their asymmetrical Metatomic Tongue that better follows the natural shape of your asymmetrical foot. The result is a much more natural fit that only gets better as you bake the skates and allow it to mold to the top of your foot. Just like most elite skates on the market, the Metatomic tongue uses high-density foams to provide a bulk of the protection rather than traditional plastic. This allows players better forward flex and reduces weight from the skate all without compromising protection.


As we move into the liner, we continue seeing major improvements in the JetSpeed FT2 over the FT1. The new TotalDri Pro+ Liner combines premier moisture-management and comfort but compared to the previous generation, the FT2 will use much more of the DuraZone Anti-Abrasion material in key zones that will extend the lift of the liner. At the collar, CCM used injected Smooth Contour Pro pads that are much plusher than before and is a great upgrade for players on the ice many times a week. The extra plushness alleviates high-ankle abrasion and is key for these elite-level skates and their extra stiff boots.


Last but not least, the CCM JetSpeed FT2 Skates features the OrthoMove insoles that complete the 360 custom fit by allowing players to choose from a low, medium or high arch support. With each pair of insoles, CCM includes a medium and a high arch attachment that easily velcros to the arch on the bottom of the insole.