2018 Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Stick Review


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The 2018 Bauer Supreme 2S Pro carries the torch as the hardest-shooting, highest kick point stick out of all three Bauer stick families. The previous 2nd-Gen Supreme 1S introduced revolutionary technologies that were very well received throughout the marketplace, so Bauer decided not to change the playability that players have come to know and love. Instead, they focused on providing a stick that better maintains that fresh-off-the-rack pop and helps to fight against premature breakdown throughout. Thanks to key development in the Vapor 1X LITE and the Nexus 2N Pro Lines, this Supreme 2S Pro boasts an all-new DuraFlex Resin System for that better handles the repetitive stress from huge clappers and one-timers, while the ACL Technology in the blade not only provides a more efficient shot release but raises the balance point of the stick too.

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A simple way to look at resin in a hockey stick is that it is the glue that bonds the layers of carbon fiber together. For many years, Bauer has used eLASTech Resin which has been one of the best in the industry when it comes to impact management. This year, Bauer wanted to take their resin system to another level by providing better pop life and impact management than in the past. The new DuraFlex Resin System handles impacts just as well as eLASTech but it was built to also focus on stress caused by repeated flexing, especially during those extra heavy shots. The 2S Pro boasts a 20% improvement in flexural strength and specifically better allows the carbon fiber to handle more of the load during these shots. This is also a great benefit because as players are getting bigger and stronger at a younger age, the market still points to most players trending down in flex rather than upwards (or stiffer).

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ACL or Advanced Carbon Layering Technology was developed at Bauer's state of the art R&D facility in Blainville, QC and first debuted in the extremely popular Vapor 1X LITE. As a player, ACL provides you with a lighter stick and a quicker rate of release, all without sacrificing durability. Bauer was able to accomplish this by using thinner, lightweight layers of carbon fiber in the blade. The key to the whole concept is in the details; with thinner layers, Bauer could use more layers, which means they could more strategically layer the carbon fiber for better impact management and less weight. With less weight in the blade, the 2S Pro has a higher balance point (for a better-balanced feel in the hands) and it allows the stick to recoil quicker for a faster rate of release.

Carryover Technology
The blade of the 2S Pro features one of the most interesting and innovative core constructions on the market. RenewCore Technology utilizes a pressurized gel on the inside of the blade that will seek out microfractures that are created from the usual rigors of hockey. With these fractures filled, RenewCore significantly increases blade life expectancy and actually provides a softer, more dampened feel for the puck too. The shaft consists of industry-leading TeXtreme Carbon Fiber that is one of the lighest and strongest on the market, while the Moncomp One-Piece construction process provides players with an ultra-consistent final product that maximizes energy transfer through every shot. Just like the previous generation of Supreme, this 2S Pro bolsters Bauer's highest mid-kick point that delivers their most explosive and powerful release. While some high mid-kick sticks can tend to lose versatility on the quicker, less aggressive shots, the 2S Pro utilizes an Extended Transfer Zone that enables the power shooter to still get off the quick, speedy release when needed.

Final Thoughts
If you are the power shooter that likes taking the time to aggressively load their shot up for maximum shot velocity and you look for a softer, more dampened blade; this 2S Pro is a match made in heaven. Like we've discussed, Supreme is all about power but thankfully Bauer has done a great job of rounding it out by adding versatility for players that need to occasionally get a quick shot or pass off. There shouldn't be a huge change in feel for players that used the 2017 Supreme 1S, you should just notice a higher balance point and better pop life throughout.