2018-19 NHL Playoff Stick Breakdown


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The 2018-19 NHL playoffs are upon us and we see some pretty awesome first round matchups. A few of the series I am looking forward to watching are the Toronto/Boston rematch, the Sharks/Golden Knights, and of course my hometown Flames vs the Avalanche.

We wanted to take a look at which stick every playoff player chooses to use and break down the numbers for you. We went through all 16 teams and tallied up every single stick being used to see if one dominated over the other. The results are actually very impressive! CCM has made a solid push and presence among NHL players and has pushed aside the reigning champions, Bauer. 136 players are rocking CCM hockey sticks while 133 choose Bauer. 92 players are using Warrior hockey sticks, which really isn't that far away from the top two dogs. Are we going to see Warrior reach for the number one spot soon?

Lets dig a little deeper into each brand and see which family is most used by this years NHL players.
NHL Playoff Sticks.png

CCM won so lets start off with them... Out of their three stick families, RibCor comes in at number one with 59 players, JetSpeed at number two with 42, and Tacks in third with 35 players.
Here is Malkin representing the new JetSpeed FT2
Malkin FT2.jpg
We see similar types of numbers in the Bauer families. Vapor is most popular with 51 players, Nexus at number two with 47, and then Supreme having 35 players. I'm not sure if you noticed the trend between the two brands, but their low-kick sticks were both their most chosen twig.

No one is using the unreleased Flylite just yet, so here is Patrik Laine using the Vapor 1X Lite, a highly popular stick.
Laine 1XLite.jpeg

Warrior players have turned the tables recently because their super low-kick Covert line was chosen more than their mid-low kick Alpha line for a while. This year however, the Alpha line is being used by 51 players, the Covert having 39 players, and two players using the brand new Fantom. I noticed that a lot of the Alpha guys were using the new DX hockey stick so I'm really looking forward to trying it out!
Here is Erik Karlsson showcasing the unreleased Warrior Alpha DX!
Karlsson DX.jpg
When it comes to True, we see a nice balance between the X Series and A series. The A series have two different kickpoints, low and mid. The ones who chose the A Series all chose the mid-kick family. The other four True players are enjoying the perks of the new XC9 ACF hockey stick. For more information on the XC9, check out our other blog here!

Here is Mitch Marner rocking the XC9 ACF and using it to beat down the Boston Bruins.

Marner XC9 ACF.jpg

It was neat to see three different brands share first, second, and third most chosen sticks. It just goes to show you that one particular brand is not better than the rest. NHL players made it there for a reason and I think they know what works best, so Bauer, CCM, Warrior, and True each have something awesome to offer. Keep in mind that NHL players tweak their specs and kickpoints, so don't purchase your next stick based on your favorite player. It's always smart to use a stick that caters to your shooting style and technique.

What is your twig of choice!? Which stick are you going to get next?! I am personally looking forward to the new Vapor Flylite and Alpha DX.


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