2015 Limited Edition Bauer Vapor Sticks & Skates



As per usual, Bauer is back with their limited edition colorways in the Vapor Hockey Stick and Skate Lines.

Bauer Vapor 1X Limited Edition Stick​

Starting us off with sticks, the 1X LE stick features a quite unique 3-zone graphics package that stays true to the Vapor Family. The upper portion of the shaft features a bright splash of red while the silver TeXtreme Carbon Fiber adds some serious pop. The dark lower portion makes up the third color zone and utilizes a traditional black TeXtreme Carbon Fiber through the blade. Specs wise, the Limited Edition 1X has everything the original has; including a low kick point, the new QRT Taper that releases quicker than any Bauer stick to date, the new Aero-Sense II Blade, true one-piece Monocomp Technology and eLASTech Resin.

Bauer Vapor X700 Limited Edition Stick​

Everyone has their own personal preference but I have to say this is one of my favorite limited edition graphics packages I’ve seen since the blacked out APX Limited Edition stick. It has a dark metallic base with the basketweave carbon fiber adding high-quality, subtle pop. The Vapor logos fade from red to black, tying together the signature Vapor look. Just like the 1X LE, the X700 LE comes will all of the features as the original; including a low kick point, the new QRT Taper that offers one of the quickest shot releases in the game, a dual-density blade core and a 3K carbon fiber weave wrap.

Bauer Vapor 1X Limited Edition Skate​

So I don’t even have to tell you how sick these are, it’s pretty darn obvious. It looks like Patty Kane is already rocking these will white laces, which I would probably do too. Kane also has black Step Steel with the LS2 holders which looks really, really good. Besides the murdered out quarter package with red accents, Bauer used a black felt tongue instead of a traditional white felt to black it out even more. Just like all Limited Edition Skates, these 1X LE’s feature all of the same specs as the standard 1X skate.

Bauer Vapor X500 Limited Edition Skate​

These bad boys are great for the player who doesn’t want to take out a loan to get a limited edition Vapor skate. The X500 LE also comes with a black felt tongue, a murdered out quarter package with red accents and red laces. The other cool thing about this skate is that the red outsole adds some pop to the lower portion of the boot because you can see a red stripe when you look at it from the side. As always, X500 Limited Edition skate has all of the same specs and features as the original X500.