2014 Limited Edition Sticks – Bauer, CCM, Easton and Sher-Wood




It’s been one of the most competitive years in the hockey stick industry, which players everywhere have greatly benefited from. Now the only thing better than having a huge variety of sick twigs available, is being able to pick up your favorite stick in a sweet new color scheme. So today we’ll be taking an individual look at all of the limited edition twigs that are available, plus we’ll touch on a few key features per stick.

Bauer Vapor APX2 Limited Edition Hockey Stick

The Bauer APX2 LE Stick gives players a totally unique and different look from the original APX2 that had a dark color scheme. Bauer used an actual silver TeXtreme™ carbon fiber to achieve this look, which does not add any additional weight to the stick. Other twigs on the market get their custom look by using a paint that is applied to the shaft that can make for an extra 20-30 grams, but not this APX2 LE.

  • Flex Profile: Low-kick point
  • Weight: 404 grams (based on a P92 curve, 87 flex)
Bauer Vapor X80 Limited Edition Hockey Stick

The Bauer Vapor X80 LE stick is a mid price point twig that comes with a similar look to the top of the line APX2 LE stick. The X80 LE features a unique Intell-Sense kick point that gives players a lightning quick shot release when the lower hand is higher on the shaft, whereas when that lower hand is placed further down towards the blade, it simulates a mid kick point for maximum shot power. Bauer used a heavy-duty blend of carbon and fiberglass for the shaft, so players can expect top notch durability and impact resistance.

  • Flex Profile: Low-kick point
  • Weight: 513 grams (based on a P88 curve, 85 flex)
Bauer Nexus 8000 Limited Edition Hockey Stick

The Bauer Nexus 8000 LE Stick is the most recent limited edition release from Bauer. This is the first LE model to come out of the Nexus family and it sure did not disappoint. The light “Carolina Blue” adds quite a distinct look that subtly stands out on the rink. While it’s not extremely bright or flashy, as say the APX2 LE is, it’s got mean visual appeal that doesn’t really lose it’s traditional look.

  • Flex Profile: Mid-kick point
  • Weight: 410 grams (based on a P92 curve, 87 flex)
Bauer Nexus 4000 Limited Edition Hockey Stick

Just like we saw in the Vapor Line of LE sticks, Bauer is offering a mid price point Nexus LE stick. This limited edition Bauer Nexus 4000 stick looks nearly identical to the 8000 LE from a distance and shows off it’s 3K carbon fiber weave wrap in the blade. It might not be TeXtreme™ like the 8000, but with it’s robust carbon and fiberglass shaft construction, this 4000 LE is built to take impacts like a tank while not losing it’s ability to fire off shots effortlessly.

  • Flex Profile: Mid-kick point
  • Weight: 477 grams (based on a P92 curve, 85 flex)
CCM Tacks 3052 Limited Edition Pink Hockey Stick

The CCM Tacks 3052 Pink Stick comes in right around the same price point at the Nexus 4000 LE and the Vapor X80 LE sticks; but boasts flashy, hot pink accents throughout it’s design. Also like the 4000 and X80, it features a sturdy and tough carbon/fiberglass construction that makes for optimal durability without losing responsiveness and feel.

  • Flex Profile: Mid-kick point
  • Weight: 512 grams (based on a P45 curve, 85 flex)
Easton V9E Elite Edition Hockey Stick

The Easton V9E Elite Stick is a true limited edition model in the sense that it features all of the same technology as the original V9E. The difference is all in the colorway, while it’s not as visually flashy as the V9E with the bright orange splash on the backhand, the V9E Elite showcases a sick chrome finish instead. We did see Easton start to bring back that signature look on the HTX but it’s great to see it on their low kick V9E series with it’s elliptical taper.

  • Flex Profile: Mid-kick point
  • Weight: 427 grams (based on an E36 curve, 85 flex)
Easton V9T ST Elite Edition Hockey Stick

Now unlike the V9E Elite, the Easton V9T ST Elite Edition Stick isn’t a “traditional” LE model from Easton. The second price point model in the current (original) Velocity Line with an elliptical taper is the V5E, which falls in the mid price point range. This V9T Elite Stick now gives players a true secondary price point option that comes in just above $200 for senior models. The cherry on top is that Easton brought back their “beefed up” construction process that they used on the iconic Easton Synergy ST stick, except they combined it with their trademark elliptical taper for one of the quickest shot releases around!

  • Flex Profile: Mid-kick point
  • Weight: 430 grams (based on an E36 curve, 85 flex)
Sher-wood T90 LKP (Low Kick Point) UnderCover Stick

Last but not least is the Sher-wood True Touch T90 LKP Undercover stick. The T90 twig has been around for quite some time now but it’s always featured a mid kick point for the players who like to really lean into and load up on big shots. The T90 is now available with a low kick point that’s similar to that of the Rekker EK15 but is totally blacked out with their Undercover colorway. This stick has a lot of bang for your buck and falls just above the mid price point range.

  • Flex Profile: Low-kick point
  • Weight: 479 grams (based on an 85 flex, PP26)

All of these great sticks are available from Inline and Ice Warehouse, so be sure to head on over to check out in-depth product descriptions and product reviews videos you won’t find anywhere else!