2014 Bauer Supreme TotalONE MX3 Ice Hockey Skates




The Pre-Sale is over! The 2014 Bauer Supreme Hockey Skates are now heading out of The Warehouse and into the hands of eager hockey players everywhere. Just like every other Bauer Skate Line, this new family of Supremes includes models that are designed for the new-to-hockey beginner and all the way up to the professional-level player.

As a general rule of thumb, the Bauer Supreme Ice Hockey Skates sit in-between the Bauer Vapor and Nexus Families in terms of volume and fit. The Vapor Skates offer a narrower fit, especially in the toe box while the Nexus Skates offer a wider fit with a much higher in-step.

Fit Profile compared to Nexus and Vapor​

The goal behind the Bauer Supreme Hockey Skates Line is total efficiency. Bauer achieved this through the all-new Free-Flex Tendon Guard, Injected Stability Lacing System and the innovative Tuuk Edge Holder that is premiered on the flagship Bauer Supreme TotalONE MX3 Ice Hockey Skate.

Free-Flex Tendon Guard​

The Free-Flex Tendon Guard was redesigned from the previous NXG’s. It’s been enabled to hinge 5 degrees further than before plus it doesn’t distort in shape, which was an issue in the past. Bauer’s free-flexing design allows a player to fully complete their stride, all the way through the toe-snap process. Traditional and stiff tendon guards inhibit this last step and cut a player short on power. The spring-loaded effect of the tendon guard “springs-back” a player’s foot at the end of their stride; helping them to be ready, faster for the next stride.

Injected Stability Lacing System​

The Injected-Stability Lacing System was first premiered on the Bauer Vapor APX2 Hockey Skate. This original and innovative design provided solid benefits; including excellent weight savings, better support and easier forward flex. The only issue was that the design was quite “boxy” and did not conform to the top of the foot much. Bauer designed the TotalONE MX3’s Lacing System to have a “twist” where the top eyelets start to meet the top of the foot. This “twist” allows the Lacing System to wrap over the top of the foot. This further increases forward flex and has a much better feel on the foot. The eyelets also feature a “T” shape design with two small teeth that keep the laces flat and snug throughout the entire game.

Tuuk LightSpeed Edge Holder​

Like the Injected-Stability Lacing System, the Bauer Vapor APX 2 Ice Hockey Skate also debuted the innovative Tuuk Edge Holder. This update on a legendary holder features a 3mm height increase in the front and rear post, giving players an aggressive angle of attack that doesn’t not bottom out on the boot as quickly as before. The big change is the quick release trigger system that can swap out dull or broken steel in seconds, keeping players on the ice and off of the bench.

For a complete breakdown of the Bauer Supreme Ice Hockey Skate Line by Bauer’s Product Manager Keith Duffy, watch the video below.

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