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Every hockey player regardless of skill level needs certain items in their bag to make sure they are prepared for every game and for those unexpected circumstances. Here is a list to help you get started on what should be in your hockey gear bag.

1. Shin Guard Tape
Also known as sock tape that most hockey players use to secure their shin guards tighter against their legs. It’s okay if you forget that you used up your last roll in the previous game, but nobody likes that one guy who is always borrowing their tape. Renfrew is a go-to for assorted shin guard tape and even gives the option to buy in bulk to save you money and make sure you’re supplied for a season or two.

2. Hockey Stick Tape
We all use it so we should all have it. It’s a great feeling stepping onto the ice with a fresh tape job unless you’re one of those players who doesn’t change their tape because your team is on a winning streak or you’re on a personal best scoring record. Sometimes deciding whether or not you want a freshly taped blade comes last minute in the locker room, so having it on you should be essential. Renfrew makes an assortment of tape colors and also offers white in bulk to help you always be stocked up.

3. Stick Wax
Stick tape wears down and takes a beating from the rigors of the game, and that’s why stick wax should be included in your bag to help that fresh tape job last more than just one game. Stick wax helps repel water and reinforce the durability of the tape and also provides a touch more grip to help with stick-handling and corralling heavy passes. Mr. Zogs Sex Wax provides a great quality stick wax that even comes scented to provide a nice freshness to your hockey bag.

4. Scissors
Taping your blade can be something you wish you did more often, but the thought of removing the old wrap can deter you from doing so. Having scissors is something I personally use in my bag to help remove the old tape and to also trim the toe after a new tape wrap. If you don’t want to use scissors for fear of damaging equipment or yourself, a great hockey tool you can look to is the Tape Tiger Pro Hockey Tool. It’s a great tool if you frequently tape your stick, and even has some cool extra features including a lace hook puller, flat head screwdriver, skate stone, and bottle opener.

5. Re-Edger/Burrstone
When it comes to performing on the ice, a prepared set of steel is crucial. The condition of your steel can either make you or break you and having nicks or burrs can dramatically affect your skating. That is why I always recommend having a skate re-edger and burrstone to fix up any of those issues prior to each game or if they arise during gameplay. A&R makes a great 2-in-1 tool that has a re-edger and stone to take care of those nicks and burrs, which helps extend the life of your steel and time between the trips to your local skate shop to get a sharpening. It’s also a great tool to have for those of you who don’t have a local skate shop nearby and need to get the most use out of your skates in-between sharpening’s.

6. Steel Sharpener
There are more than a few ways to dull your steel, like rinks having exposed concreted throughout the walkways and even on the bench to hinder your skate performance. Nothing is worse than trying to dig in for a deke or hard stop and blowing a tire, forcing a turnover and possibly a goal because your edge is dull. A&R also makes an Edge Again Manual Skate Sharpener, which you may not necessarily use often, but be glad you have when you desperately need a sharpening. Carrying this tool can once again come in handy for those players who live far away from the nearest skate sharpening shop. A&R even makes a powered version, which can be great for teams to have on hand for a quick response to a needed skate tune-up.

7. Steel Runners
There is eventually going to be a time that you will have to replace the steel runner, whether it is at the end of its life or from being damaged. Having a backup set in your bag can prevent you from leaving the rink early because of having unusable steel to skate on. Step Steel manufactures incredibly high-quality steel giving hockey players great glide, bite and a longer blade life. They make all their steel in Canada, so you know it’s quality and available for CCM and Bauer skates. A&R makes a hard-shell replacement case that can protect and store your extra steel from getting damaged.

8. Skate Laces
Maybe you’re like me and keep a status on the quality of your laces, but always try to get the maximum life out of them. Having a backup pair can also prevent you from going home early because you thought you could tie up your skates one more time with blown out ends. They are cheap and don’t take up much room and should always be in your bag. Whether you prefer waxed or unwaxed, A&R has a ton of color options in a full range of sizes to suit your personal preference.

9. Helmet Repair Kit
Bolts and screws love to come loose, so that is why having a hockey helmet repair kit can be a great addition to your hockey bag. There are a number of kits out there that have just replacement screws, or more detailed ones like the A&R Helmet Repair Kit that offers all of the essential pieces to fix most hockey helmets. At the very least, having a screwdriver to remove a busted visor or tighten a loose screw can come in handy.

10. Visor Spray
If you wear a visor, having a spray totally removes all the oils and marks that can impair your vision. If you wear hair product like wax or pomade, it makes it worse when your sweat gets on your visor during gameplay, so having a spray can be super beneficial to clear things up. I recommend the A&R Hockey Spit Anti Fog Cleaner Spray, which cleans things up, prevents fog and even has a microfiber cloth which I believe works the best when I clean my visor.

11. Protective Gear Spray
If you don’t air out your gear after every use, then start. I can’t express enough the importance of airing out your equipment, and the importance of having protective gear spray. Your gear holds a ton of bacteria that will cause some serious stink to your equipment. I’m sure you can relate to having a pair of gloves that stink so bad, your hands still smell two days later even after multiple showers. I was able to solve that issue simply by airing my gear immediately when I got home and spraying it down with a deodorizing spray. A great product that doesn’t just mask the odors, but eliminates them is Beek’s Reek Out Pro Odor Eliminator Spray, designed and owned by NHL Veteran, Pat Verbeek.

12. Shower Kit
Don’t go home or to your next function after your hockey game without showering; pack a shower kit with soap, sandals, towel and some deodorant. Even if you know you’re going straight home, prepare yourself in case you don’t. Captodor makes a 3-in-1 kit to give players a body wash, hand odor gel, and sports gear odor eliminator spray.

13. Hockey Pucks
Depending on the type of league you’re in, pucks may be something the teams themselves need to provide. This can be seen in beer leagues, recreational hockey leagues, or simply shinny, where the players need to provide the pucks for the game. I usually keep about two or three in my bag.

14. Water Bottle
I don’t know about you, but using a team water bottle seems like a great way to get sick. They fall on the ground; multiple players use them, and probably rarely get cleaned. I bring and use my own because I know I clean it and have been in too many situations where my teammate who’s in charge of bringing the teams water bottles forgot to.

15. Bench Towel
If you’re a person who sweats a lot, having a bench towel can be your friend. It allows you to wipe your face between shifts, clean the sweat off your visor and get back out there. It can also be nice to have if you or a teammate take an unfortunate high-stick and need a towel immediately to stop the bleeding. You should also be wiping down your blades after every use to prevent rust, so it’s a must to have a towel in your bag like the A&R Pro Stock Bench Towel.
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