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  1. Chase

    Hockey Glove Care and Maintenance

    Whoops! The issue is now fixed, our apologies!
  2. Chase

    IW Hockey's Pre-Game Pump Up Playlist (and Giveaway)

    Here are your winners! If you see your name on the list, shoot us a DM on Instagram! CCM Beats Solo3 Headphone Winners: @goaliej34 - The American Dream - Federal Empire telfy.29 - Plain Jane - A$AP Ferg CCM Powerbank Winners: @rojas55 - Metallica - Where I May Roam @matt.favia - Speaker...
  3. Chase

    IW Hockey's Pre-Game Pump Up Playlist (and Giveaway)

    Get your team pumped up in the locker room with this playlist that was created by hockey players like yourself! There is a HUGE variety of music in here so there will be something for everyone!
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    Hey bud, we will be announcing via IG at 5:00 PM EST! Check back soon!
  5. Chase


    We definitely saw it! We'll be announcing it on IG at 5:00 PM EST!
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    No problem! All (6) sticks will need to be customized the same. PS: Just to clarify, my previous post just listed the specs I'd personally choose if I were to go custom! @Brandon , what specs would you go with?
  7. Chase


    Here's what I'd go with, what about you? - Curve: P92 Max Blade Height (if they have it) - Nameplate: Chase from IW Hockey - Flex: 80 - Kickpoint: Low-Kick - Shaft Geometry: Round corners and concave sidewalls - Shaft Length: 59" - Shaft Finish: Clear Matte - Blade Finish: Sharkskin/Sandpaper
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    One lucky winner will get a pack of (6) fully custom Sherwood Project 9 Sticks! The announcement will be made Friday, November 23rd. Customizable Specs Include: - Pattern (from existing molds only) - Nameplate - Flex - Kickpoint - Shaft Geometry - Shaft Length - Shaft Finish - Blade Finish...
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    Unreleased NHL Gear Sightings

    This is the place to post pictures of new gear that you might see as you're watching a game on TV! There may be some gear that we cannot provide more information too because it is THAT early but we will do our best!
  10. Chase

    Show Your Goalie Gear Off

    Who doesn't want to show off their new sweet set of pads or their new mask? This is the thread to show the world your latest addition to the bag!
  11. Chase

    The Official and Only "Which Piece of Goalie Gear Should I Get" Thread

    This is the spot to ask for goalie gear recommendations! The more info you can provide in your recommendation request, the more detailed of a response we can get for you!
  12. Chase

    The Official and Only "What Protective Piece Should I Get" Thread

    If you're looking to upgrade a piece of your current protective gear and would like recommendations, this is the thread to do so! The more information you can provide, the better of a recommendation we can give you (i.e. height, weight, level of play, playing style, etc, etc).
  13. Chase

    Show Your Protective Gear Off

    If you picked up some fresh protective gear and you're looking to show it off, leave a picture in this thread!
  14. Chase

    Show Your Gloves Off

    If you picked up a new pair of mitts and you want to post a picture of them, this is the place to do so!
  15. Chase

    The Official "What Gloves Should I Get" Thread

    Are you looking to get a new pair of gloves but aren't too sure what brand or model you should get? Ask here and try to include as much information as possible such as desired glove size, level of play, fit type preference, etc!
  16. Chase

    The Official "What Roller Hockey Skates Should I Get" Thread

    For the quickest response - leave a reply with what model and size your current skates are and how they are fitting. For the most accurate response - watch this video that shows you how to measure you foot in minutes then leave a reply with your left and right foot measurements. We will do our...
  17. Chase

    Show Off Your Skates

    Did you just pick up a pair of new (or new to you) wheels and you want to show them off? This is the place for you!
  18. Chase

    15 Hockey Bag Essentials

    Every hockey player regardless of skill level needs certain items in their bag to make sure they are prepared for every game and for those unexpected circumstances. Here is a list to help you get started on what should be in your hockey gear bag. 1. Shin Guard Tape Also known as sock tape that...